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Dear Professor Mark Whiteley, Tim and team,

Many thanks for a pain-free experience during the EVLT procedure and post-op recovery last Monday 16 February. I did appreciate you and the team creating such a relaxed atmosphere during the laser treatment, which really helped to put me at my ease, especially as I was quite apprehensive. In fact, on reflection I found it to be an altogether more pleasant experience than I had anticipated, which is rather bizarre considering I was having a surgical procedure !

I will be highly recommending The Whiteley Clinic to my GP and surgery. I’m so glad I chose The Whiteley Clinic.

Once again, many many thanks.

February 2015
Mrs B

Dear Judy,

Many thanks for your detailed replies to my questions. Thus far, (disappointingly) you are the only clinic to have taken the trouble to respond to my email. For you to have provided such an extensive reply to each of my questions – when others can’t be bothered to even send an acknowledgement – is surely a reflection upon the extent of customer care that one can expect from the Clinics in question!

Many thanks for caring enough to take the time to provide me with such a detailed response, I am extremely grateful to you.

February 2015
Mr R

My visit was a pleasure throughout and I was not a bit surprised to hear you speak of Judy’s high world standing. She was a personal and technical joy.
Thank you all for your calm and reassuring professionalism

January 2015
Mr M

I used their Clinic in Guildford and can’t recommend them highly enough.

January 2015
Sue S

After going for the consultation, I proceeded with the recommended treatment for my leg ulcer and since completing all the relevant treatment, I have not had a leg ulcer. I have my life back all thanks to Professor Mark Whiteley and his professional staff.

November 2014

You were all so helpful and thoughtful, and I was most supremely well looked after. I cannot thank you enough.
My legs are doing brilliantly and I was able to do some Pilates yesterday!

November 2014
Mrs H

All very friendly, efficient and good clear description of the issues and best options. Excellent ambience and facilities as well. Very pleased with everything.

August 2014
Peter D

I would say to anyone who has the same problem that I had, get in touch with The Whiteley Clinic.

I am deeply indebted to the staff at the The Whiteley Clinic for their kind attention and for clearing up my problem and giving me my life back.

The treatment that I received has changed my life. Looking at my leg, you wouldn’t even believe there was a varicose vein there.

I can’t recommend them highly enough.

I didn’t know that you could come to such a specialist and get such good treatment. It’s back to normal, I can cook, I can do gardening, I can drive a car.

I would recommend anyone to come to The Whiteley Clinic.

My legs feel much better, they’re not swelling, I’m sleeping better, I’ve got no itching but really it’s the appearance that’s made such a huge difference to me.


I left The Whiteley Clinic the same afternoon as I had the treatment, went home and within a few days I was back to normal.


It has been life changing because I don’t focus on what i’m going to wear anymore


I have been very impressed by how professional everyone has been.

To say it has been life changing would be a huge understatement.

Everything at the clinic has been excellent and everyone was very helpful. I can’t recommend them enough.

My advice to anybody that’s got an ulcer that’s not doing very well, come to The Whiteley Clinic.

I don’t have to wear stockings anymore and they were a real pain. It’s like a leg when I was 18.

I would recommend it to anybody.

The treatment enabled me to do things that i wasn’t able to do for 15 years. It has transformed the physical side of my life.

I am delighted with the results.


It was a breath of fresh coming to the Whiteley Clinic and realising that my leg ulcer could be treated.

I’ve now got my life back and I have a healthy looking leg.


Everybody make me feel so welcome and nothing was too much trouble. Very professional from reception to theatre staff. Pleasant Experience.

G Young

Last year I attended The Whiteley Clinic in Guildford with an extremely painful leg ulcer which had resisted all treatment for six months. I met Mr Price and his team of lovely nurses whose care from the word go went over and above the call of duty.

Suffice to say the ulcer is now completely cured and I would be happy for anyone to see before and after pictures. Leg ulcers can be cured no matter how serious and Mr Price is the man who can do it.

Mrs Wells

Having struggled with bulging and unsightly veins on my arms for several years I am so thrilled that this summer I am going to be proudly wearing short sleeves. It is liberating to have a choice of clothes to wear, rather than having to buy whatever one can find that has long sleeves.

The warmer it was, the more the veins in my arms stood out, and thus I was constantly searching for summer clothes that would cover them. It has done wonders for my confidence to be able to bare my arms in the warm weather, and I am so thrilled that I was able to have the problem dealt with at The Whiteley Clinic.


After having my veins treated under the NHS 2-3 times with disastrous results, I am thrilled with the treatment from The Whiteley Clinic. I am really pleased with the results! Thank you!


After nearly 20 years suffering from numerous leg ulcers which many times left me in intense pain and impacted on my quality of life, I was introduced to Mr Mark Whiteley of The Whiteley Clinic with a consultation and the relevant treatment – I walked out of the clinic with a smile and in no pain.

The treatment was administered by experts who were professional, efficient, friendly and with a sense of humour.
I would have no hesitation in recommending The Whiteley Clinic as it has made such a significant change to my life.


Excellent, I am so pleased with the result with no interruptions to everyday life whilst having and recovering from the procedures.


Mr Price – The world is a better place because of folks like you who always take the time to do such extraordinary things. Thanks so much.


The consummate professional with a giant streak of tenderness.
Thank you Charmaine for making the day less worrying and so at ease with what you and the team were doing to me.


Mrs K has been a patient of The Whiteley Clinic for some time and has had some post-operative worries. Today, before she left, she took a moment to say that she had had the most wonderful experience at The Whiteley Clinic as far as her patient care was concerned. Although she had been concerned about DVTs and had other post-operative worries, she said that at every time she had had contact with the clinic, every single person had been lovely to her and very helpful.

She said it was a fantastic experience to be at the clinic for her treatment. She travels a very long way for her treatment but she would prefer to come and have the level of care provided at The Whiteley Clinic than to have travelled less far and to have gone to any other clinic.


Following my final consultation with Mr Whiteley, I really feel I must write to you.

Firstly to convey my sincere appreciation for the excellent treatment and care I received both from you personally and that of your team. I am delighted with the result and extremely grateful for the time given to me over the past few months.

Secondly, I would like to congratulate you on building such an excellent team. They were all clearly committed to the ethos of The Whiteley Clinic. The receptionist, sonographers, out-patient and theatre nurses were always kind, caring, consistent in their patient information, always delivering high standards of care. The team have achieved a balance of being friendly whilst remaining the epitome of professionalism. They are indeed a credit to you Mr Whiteley as teams like yours are not established overnight.

I will always recommend The Whiteley Clinic and have already sent two friends to you. Once again, my sincere thanks.


I can’t begin to thank Mr Price and his fantastic team of caring nurses. All my procedures have been very successful and now I’m free of the pain I didn’t realise I had been putting up with for the last 20+ years.

You’ve done a great job and I’m very thankful to you all.


Today is the last day I shall ever wear compression stockings! I am so pleased with the results – way beyond my expectations. I just wanted to thank you all for your care throughout my treatment. Can you please pass on to your wonderful team, my heartfelt appreciation. You are all just the best!